Pranksters Tell Xcel Energy Customers Their Power Is Being Shut Off

The government in Boulder, CO, recently decided to look into the idea of forming its own power company as an alternative to Xcel Energy. But some residents of the city were perplexed when they received letters claiming to be from Xcel and stating that their service was being cut off.

Reads the letter:

[I]t has come to our attention that your household voted to allow City Council to sever relations with Xcel Energy. Our legal counsel informs us that we are no longer bound to provide our services to households such as yours. As a consequence, we will soon be ending service to your house.

Thankfully, this just isn’t true. And Xcel tell CBS Denver that it would be illegal for the company to cut off service.

“Under no circumstances will we cancel electric service to any customer in good standing,” said the company. “Communicating to our customers is very important to us and letters with obviously false information will not be tolerated.”

It’s not yet known who made the letter, which also states that Xcel has “already ended all Boulder residents’ ability to apply for energy-efficiency rebates and have blocked Boulder customers from participating in future solar gardens and long-term wind-power purchasing programs,” and whether their motives are political or if it’s merely a prank.

Xcel Says Somebody Is Circulating Fraudulent Letters To Boulder Residents [CBS Denver]

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