Chase Doubles The Debit But Isn't Sure When They'll Get Around To Fixing It

UPDATE: Chase has issued a statement on accounts that posted debits twice: “Some debit card transactions in the New York tri-state area posted twice. We are working to reverse that and we will reimburse any resulting fees.”

Fox Business cited the JPMorgan spokesperson, who didn’t detail what had caused the glitch.


Coming in just a few minutes apart this morning, we’ve had reports from readers who were emailed by Chase to let them know that they’d overdrafted their checking accounts. Follow-up calls revealed it was Chase’s fault for doubling the debits. As for when they’ll fix it or put the money back into customer accounts, who knows?

It might not just be a few coincidental yet isolated incidents from our readers. One of our tipsters, Michael, surmises that his issue is likely happening to others after Chase’s response to his inquiries.

It looks like Chase is having a major computer glitch this morning. I received two e-mails stating:

1) I had overdrafted my account to the tune of $145.

2) The overdraft protection (that I did NOT sign up for) had moved money over from my savings account to my checking account to bring it to a zero balance.

A call to the customer service line fielded nothing but an automated notice that “they are aware of the double debit situation and are working to fix it” and a face to face meeting with my branch manager yielded the same useless information. At least 4 debits were double charged on my account in the last 24 hours. I was given no estimate on when the money would be returned to my account other than “later today” and to “check back this afternoon” but I was assured the transfer from savings to checking would be reversed and it would not count against the limited savings transactions I am allowed per month.

It’s nice to know that the fees I now have to pay for my checking account are making sure everything is running smoothly. You might want to let people know that it’s not just their accounts that are messed up, and Chase is “taking the situation seriously.”

Calling customer service now results in an automated message saying Chase is “currently experiencing delays in processing account updates. Our systems may not reflect up to date information.”

If anyone going through this issue actually gets word on those double debits being reversed or overdraft charges going away, feel free to share with your fellow Chasees in the comments.

So if you’re finding you’ve got less money than you thought, it could be Chase’s fault. Or you’re just not great at keeping track of your spending.

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