Lessons Learned From Tough Retail Jobs

Just about all tough work experiences can teach you things and better prepare you for your next job. Sticking it out for a time through a difficult job can give you tools you can apply to more enjoyable experiences as you advance in your career.

The writer at TeacHer Finance describes how difficult retail jobs prepared her for a move to teaching. The lessons can apply to nearly any line of work:

* Dealing with unfair demands. It’s no fun to cope with with emotional and unreasonable customers, but the ability to calm angry people down and leave them reasonably satisfied is a priceless skill to have.

* The importance of appearing to stay positive. You don’t necessarily need to stay optimistic all the time, but you can benefit yourself by refusing to fall into outwardly gloomy cynicism. Putting a happy face on a sour situation tends to make people think better of you.

* Fend for yourself. There’s not always an instruction manual to deal with complicated problems that arise during a workday. When you’re left to extinguish your own fires, you become savvier and more capable.

My Crap Jobs Taught Me How To Function in My Career [TeacHer Finance]

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