Domino's New Ads Tell Customers You Can't Have Artisan Pizza Your Way

You don’t want chicken on that Chicken & Bacon Carbonara pizza from Domino’s? Too dang bad — the pizza chain is preemptively shushing all customer requests for removing or adding toppings on its artisan line of pies with a new ad campaign. So no, you will not be getting it your way.

USA Today says the company will launch a new TV ad campaign on Thursday to put the pizza smackdown on any customers trying to tinker with their order when opting for a pie from the artisan menu.

Of course, you can still customize whatever other kind of pizza you want, with your toppings of choice. Or if you have allergies, then toppings can be removed from the artisan pies.

Domino’s is trying to make over its image into more of a fancypants seller of pizzas, explaining to customers in the ad that they’ve spent years “perfecting the balance on our artisan crust toppings.” Their previous campaign featured the complete overhaul of their pizza recipe, based on customer feedback.

Domino’s says ‘No’ to customers in latest TV ad [USA Today]

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