Target Using Its Signature Funny Math To Trumpet Questionable "Value"

We’ve seen a lot of odd examples of “great deals,” “saving” and “new low prices,” but when it comes down to it, Target really takes the cake with what they call math. Hey, at least they’re consistent, right? In this latest example, Target says a four-pack of Lean Cuisine pizzas is a “great value,” when really, it’s cheaper to buy four individual pizzas.

Making the rounds over at Reddit is a picture wherein a hawk-eyed customer (who is no doubt better at basic math than whoever labels these products) notes the funny price discrepancy with the caption, “Target and I disagree on the definition of ‘value.’ “

See, it costs $10.89 for the so-called value pack of four pepperoni pizzas, which comes out to $2.72 each. Or, you can plunk down $1.99 for each individual pizza. Hmm, which would you pick?

It’s not just Target, Walmart, Petco, Papa John’s and Walgreens, among others, have all been guilty of fuzzy math in the past.

*Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

Target and I disagree on the definition of “value” [reddit]

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