3 Awful Things About Looking For A New Job

When you’re seeking new employment, nothing comes easy. You’re facing a sea of hungry applicants, gunning for the attention of distracted managers and facing failure on a daily basis. The process can be so frustrating that it may hardly seem worth it, but can land you a dream job if you keep your eyes open, your spirits up and manage to land a break.

So Over Debt identifies some of the most irritating qualities of job hunting. Here are a few, as well as ways to overcome them:

* Mind-numbing application forms. It’s tempting just to hammer through laborious online forms to finish your application, but you can look at them as opportunities stand out with a little extra effort and creativity. Submit your bio in sonnet form, or paste a link to a wacky, self-promotional video rather than a resume.

* Job listings that explain too little. A vague job listing is an automatic turnoff, but use it as an impetus to apply your own vision to what you hope the position could be. Employers tend to be impressed with applicants with solid ideas of what they’d do on the job.

* Internal candidates with a leg up on you. Sometimes posting a job is nothing more than a formality, because managers already have their eyes on workers they’re ready to plug into the roles. You can improve your odds by becoming an insider. Befriend people of influence in your area, familiarize yourself with the company and mine connections for key info that will help you distinguish yourself and make you easier to hire.

10 Things I Hate About Looking for Jobs [So Over Debt]

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