Burger King Reveals Its Big Makeover Efforts With New Menu

Burger King is trying to change its image — no more dudes cramming fries and Whoppers in their mouths. It’s time to cater for moms, families and older people snacking and drinking smoothies. The company is going to shell out lots of cash over the next year to complete this magical makeover, with changes to the stores, marketing campaign and of course, the menu.

Don’t worry, the Whopper is staying, says USA Today, although soon it’ll come in a cardboard box again and with thicker cheese. About $750 million will be spent by Burger King and its franchisees to make all the changes to update its 7,024 stores in the U.S., including 10 new items on the menu. A lot of the changes will be for more healthy options and snackable items.

“This is the biggest change in scope in the history of the brand,” says Steve Wiborg, executive vice president and president of North American operations. “It’s the chain’s largest investment in a one-year time frame.”

USA Today had a peek inside the new store, and outlines the new items like chicken strips with 100% white meat, new salads, smoothies, frappes and snack wraps. Oh and the stores will have digital menus and chairs that aren’t bolted to the ground!

Burger King reinvents itself with new food, new look [USA Today]

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