Third-Place Worst Company In America Winner To Be Honored With New Bronze Poo!

Last year, when Bank of America lost by the narrowest of margins to BP in the Final Death Match of the 2011 Worst Company In America tournament, we listened to readers who called for the creation of the first-ever Silver Poo trophy. That honor will remain in place for the 2012 tourney, and will be joined by a Bronze Poo for the company coming in third — or rather, “turd” — place.

Too many companies have made it all the way to the Semifinals and even the Final Death Match without being recognized for their utter incompetence. The addition of the Bronze Poo helps to recognize those businesses whose craptastic years might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Traditionally, like the NCAA tournament, there has been no third-place result in WCIA competition. So we’re turning to other tournaments for inspiration and will have a Bronze Poo final match for the two companies that are eliminated in the Semifinals.

Competitors for both the Final Death Match and the Bronze Poo Beat-Down will be announced Monday, April 2.

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