Why You Don't Need To Be Ashamed Of Moving Back In With Your Parents

Few are proud to carry the stigma of a “boomerang kid” — someone who moves back in with their parents after failing to make ends meet on their own. But the move makes a lot of financial sense, and could serve as a springboard that can get boomerang kids off to a flying start when they head back out into the cruel world.

Amanda Grad Meets World justifies boomeranging, describing how the plan is working for her. Thanks to help from her parents, she’s able to plot out her career without burying herself in debt.

She writes:

Think about it — how many of you would rather be in debt up to your eyeballs instead of having the ability to put money away in the bank? How many of you would rather struggle, and I mean really struggle, during a Recession rather than taking it easy and trying to do things the smart way?

Quite frankly, if “the right path” involves being stupid with my money then I don’t want to take it.

Many people don’t have the option to move back home, and many would rather suffer financially than submit to such a perceived humiliation. But it’s tough to argue that living with free or low rent and a built-in support network is inherently worse than enjoying the “freedom” of subsisting with little money or resources.

Why It’s Okay To Be a Boomerang Kid [Grad Meets World]

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