Death Threats Aren’t A Convincing Way To Sell Your Scam On The Phone

Unsolicited calls are bad enough, but when that stranger starts to make threats, well, that’s just downright terrifying. And of course, totally illegal. A woman who refused to fall victim to a scammer calling her home on the phone found herself the target of an even scarier premise when the caller said he’d kill her for not paying in to the scam.

Lancaster Online reports from Pennsylvania, where police say a male caller told a woman on the phone that she had just won a prize, but would have to pay a fee before it could be delivered.

She knew the call was a scam and warned the caller that she was hanging up and calling the police. That’s when the scammer got worse, telling the woman he was “watching her” and was going to “kill her.”

He apparently roped someone else in on his ploy, as a few minutes later, a female called the woman and said she was from the police department. She had the totally ridiculous advice to do whatever the caller said.

Our savvy woman held tight, and when the male scammer called back, he said he “wouldn’t kill her because she is an old lady,” police said. She hung up on him again.

Cops urge anyone in the area with similar incidents to call their local police department and report them.

*Thanks to Joel for the tip!

Scammer issues death threat during phone call to Lititz woman [Lancaster Online]

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