The One Junk Mailer That Won't Remove Me From Their List

Christopher has a mission. That mission is to eliminate junk mail from his life. Maybe to save his time and sanity, maybe to save the planet, maybe both. Most companies he’s called have been happy to oblige: they save money and earn goodwill by leaving him alone, after all. But one junk mail purveyor won’t stop. That company is Mailsouth.

About a year ago I went on a quest to eliminate all junk mail from my life. The good news? Most companies are more than happy to stop sending you junk if you call the one time and opt out. I’ve stopped receiving tons of different types of advertisements, catalogs, coupons, etc.

And then there’s Mailsouth. No matter how many times I call them and ask not to receive their mail, they keep sending it. I’ve tried contacting several people in the company and never heard anything back. Week after week they keep sending me junk mail, and it’s the worst kind of junk mail. They even stuff envelopes with more ads into their flier to make you think real mail might be mixed in.

Is there anything I can do to get them to stop?

If they really won’t listen, go for the nuclear option: USPS Form 1500. It’s intended to make people stop sending you unwanted pornography, but you can extend that to mean anything that’s offensive. And what’s more offensive than killing trees to send Christopher flyers he doesn’t want?

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