Prostitute Blames McDonald's For Driving Her Into Profession

We’ve heard of people blaming McDonald’s for getting them fat or burning their grandchildren with hot liquid, but rare is the occasion that the fast food giant is accused of leading one into a life of prostitution. But if you live long enough, you see everything, hence a federal court case in which a woman accuses McDonald’s and her franchisee ex-husband of pushing her into the world’s oldest profession in the 1980s.

According to Courthouse News Service, the Nevada woman alleges that the franchisee gave her a low-paying job, began dating her, then had her terminated under false pretenses. He then nudged her into prostitution. She later married the man and then divorced him. The woman is suing because she says McDonald’s lacked an adequate grievance policy to protest her firing.

According to the article, the woman seeks “lost wages, special damages, compensatory damages, and punitive damages for sex trafficking, negligent retention and supervision of franchisees, and racketeering, among other claims.”

No response from McDonald’s is included in the story. We’ll be following this lawsuit closely and will post an update if anything further comes of it, as well as any other notable allegations of fast food-spawned prostitution.

Woman Blames McDonald’s for Prostitution [Courthouse News Service] (Thanks, Jamie!)

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