How To Decrease Your Attachment To Your Stuff

The very things that made you giddy when you bought them can fill you with anxiety when they become clutter or high-maintenance burdens. There’s an exhilaration to decluttering your home, and in turn, your life.

20 And Engaged offers some help to make it easier to part with things you may not need:

* Part ways with heirlooms. Maybe that big, unwieldly hutch in the kitchen reminds you of Grandma. Dab your toes in the possibility of living without it by putting it in storage or hiding it in the garage. If you don’t miss its presence, consider that a green light to unload it.

* Take an inventory of your closet. It’s tough to get rid of old blankets and clothing. Dig out the dark recesses of your closet and only keep the things you’ve used in recent years and can imagine using again.

* Ditch the filing cabinet. It’s easy to succumb to the urge to hoard documents, but you can free up some space by scanning old tax returns, contracts and other important papers, then shredding the originals.

7 Smart Ways to Free Yourself from Your Stuff [20 And Engaged]

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