I Just Want To Give Redbox $1.50

Lindsay rented a DVD from Redbox, and kept it longer than planned. Except her card on file was closed, and they couldn’t charge the extra rental fees to it. Can they take her payment over the phone? No. They aren’t set up to handle this situation, and don’t particularly want her money.

Here is the deal. I rented a movie from Redbox the other day, I kept it for a couple of days too long, and was charged (rightly so) for some late fees. This acct was closed leaving me owing $1.50 in fees. I called up redbox to let them know the card wasn’t active, and that I would like to pay with another method. It turns out they can’t do that, but they will continue to try to collect from this closed acct indefinitely. But I shouldn’t worry because the representative assured me that they never send anything to collections. I asked for proof of this in writing. After speaking with her supervisor she said she couldn’t do that. What the heck should I do about this?

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