Employee Occupies Wall Street Burgers Truck, To Its Owner's Dismay

The owner of Wall Street Burgers, a food truck in New York City, is pretty ticked off that his employee is flipping burgers around town. Because see, he claims the employee (dare we call him a former employee?) has gone rogue, stealing the truck and pocketing the cash he makes from the food.

The New York Daily News says customers have spotted the bright orange truck going about business as usual around the city, but its owner hasn’t been able to track it down as of yet.

The truck’s owner says he had fired the worker a few weeks ago, then hired him back because he felt bad after hearing his sob story.

“He was crying, telling me he was having family issues and how bad he needed the job,” the owner told the papery. “I felt bad for the guy so I gave him another shot. This is how he pays me back.”

The employee was supposed to meet him on Sunday to hand over the truck, but, says the owner, he just never showed up.

When the owner tried to file a stolen vehicle report with his local police precinct, they just told him it’s an unauthorized use case, and said he should come back if the guy doesn’t show up in a week.

We’re sure they’d react the exact same way if a former cop stole a car and used it for mall security or painted it pink and started selling cosmetics door-to-door. Hey, that’s just unauthorized use, right?

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