Now You Can Play Worst Company In America Comment Bingo!

Regular readers of Consumerist comments have pointed out that you could set up a Bingo game based on oft-repeated sentiments, phrases, and gripes. Now, longtime commenter and all-around awesome human being catastrophegirl has created a set of Bingo cards just to play along with the Worst Company In America 2012 tournament!

The 4 WCIA Bingo cards are available below and from cat’s Flickr account.

These cards are actually just the latest addition to her larger, general Consumerist Bingo project that now includes more than two dozen cards so you can get your Bingo on even when the tournament isn’t happening.

Some prime cuts from the WCIA cards:

  • “___ is so much worse than ____”
  • “I predict a tie”
  • “____ would be great if they didn’t suck at ____”
  • and of course, “Credit Union”

In true Bingo spirit, each card includes a free space for you to get started.

Of course, we encourage the playing of the WCIA Bingo only in the spirit of good fun and no money, goods or services of any kind should be gambled, right?






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  1. clippy2.0 says:


  2. superml says:


  3. Cat says:

    Um, not Cat’s flickr account. Catastropegirl’s flickr account.

    I’ll start the wagering now: 20 Quatloos on BofA.

  4. Emerald4me says:

    My dog gives better customer service than Sears.

    There you go people!

  5. May contain snark says:

    It’s all Obama’s fault.

  6. humphrmi says:

    I make my own bingo cards at home.

  7. Torchwood says:


  8. Weighted Companion Cube says:

    Ain’t the dis-envoweled text missing for this bingo?

  9. tbax929 says:

    That is awesome!

  10. pythonspam says:

    I will now spend the rest of the days before the end of WCIA making only the comments listed on these cards.
    BINGO FOR ALL THE CONSUMERISTS (I blame Obama for going to the credit union instead of [redacted].

  11. Hub Cap says:

    Verizon land line Executive Customer Service is a fecking joke!

  12. quirkyrachel says:

    This post totally made my morning. Giggles all around.

  13. Press1forDialTone says:

    Would someone at Consumer Reports smack Chris Moran up the
    side of his head? This blog is supposed to be about DOING SOMETHING
    about the abuses that we are all subjected to from the companies that
    make up this consumer-based hell we have created for ourselves. I’m
    sure we can find enough humor in that than going as far as playing
    madlibs for gosh sakes.

  14. Lolotehe says:

    I like how BofA is the only company named on the cards.


    Because we all know they’re going to win.