Gettysburg Gift Shop Decides Against John Wilkes Booth Bobbleheads

Doesn’t matter if it’s a silly bobblehead doll, it seems some might find it odd to buy a figurine of the man who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. The Gettysburg National Military Park visitors’ center removed the John Wilkes Booth bobblehead from its shelves recently, after a reporter asked about them.

The Associated Press says the bobbleheads of the most famous assassin were packaged in a box that looked like the inside of Ford’s theater, where Booth shot Lincoln. The little guys even wield handguns — you know, for shooting the President. They were only available for about a week before getting the boot on Saturday.

“On rare occasions, there’s an item that might cause concern, and obviously the bobbleheads appeared to be doing that,” Gettysburg Foundation spokeswoman Dru Anne Neil said Tuesday. She didn’t state whether there had been complaints or why the items were no longer for sale.

They appear to be somewhat popular elsewhere, as the dolls’ manufacturer says 150 of the original run of 250 have been sold, and more are being made.

Gettysburg gift shop pulls Booth bobbleheads [Associated Press]

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