How To Call In Sick And Not Make Your Boss Suspicious

When you call in sick, you may feel as though you’re letting the world down and the office will collapse without you. But you’re really doing everyone a favor when you stay home, protecting them from exposure to your illness while sparing the office from your mediocre, exhaustion-spawned work. Once you decide you’re going to accept your homebound plight, you’ve got to confront the dreaded task of calling in. offers tips to telling your boss you’re begging off work, suggesting making the call over the phone rather than sending an email in order to convey directness and honesty. You’re best off keeping the call short and under no obligation to reveal the details, and it doesn’t hurt to add an apology for the inconvenience your absence will cause.

Leave the contingency planning to your boss, and don’t offer to be on call to field problems that arise unless you want to waste a sick day working from home. If you’ll miss more than one day, keep the office updated with your expected return and any accommodations you’ll need when you return.

Check with your human resources department for policies that apply to your situation. Some employers require notes from medical professionals or other documentation.

How to Call In Sick Without Jeopardizing Your Job []

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