Man Fills Out Bogus Job Application Just To Steal $5 From Tip Jar

Know what’s a crappy way to repay a local business for trying to create more jobs? Pilfering cash from the tip jar while filling out a fake application for employment, which is what one man did recently in Modesto, Calif. Not only are you stealing from the people who already work there, but you’re wasting the employers’ time. Shame!

CBS13 in Sacramento says a man asked for an application at a local drive-through that offers shaved ice, coffee and treats. While filling out the application with fake details, the owners say surveillance video shows his hand in the tip jar, taking out about $5.

“There’s his hand that slips in the tip jar,” said one co-owner. “He uses newspaper to cover it up.”

She’s more angry that he took advantage of the fact that they were looking to hire new employees for his nefarious scheme. As the employee behind the counter wrote down follow-up information on the bogus application, the man allegedly dipped into the jar.

“The size of his hand kinda clinked the to jar as he pulled his hand out,” said the co-owner, adding that the employee noticed the tips were gone when the man left, and followed him out.

“And he told him, ‘You can either give the $5 back or [he] could call the police. It was his choice,'” she says. He gave the cash back and left.

Because of the man’s sticky fingers, the shop is only taking online applications for the job and won’t keep more than $5 in the tip jar.

Modesto Job Seeker Actually After Money in Tip Jar [CBS 13]

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