3 Foods You Probably Haven't Considered Making With An Oven

Ovens don’t get enough credit for their multitasking capabilities. They can handle several cooking tasks you might automatically assign to the microwave or stove, and can streamline your cooking process while also possibly improving its taste.

Lifehack.org suggests letting your oven tackle these foods:

* Soup. You can bake soup ingredients to soften them up, then puree them in a bowl and add stock and seasonings.

* Jams. If you’re making jam from scratch, you’ll probably find it’s less messy to stick your fruit and sugar on a roasting pan in the oven rather than on the stove.

* Salads. Roasting your oil-and-spice-sprinkled veggies on a sheet pan can make your boring lettuce much more tolerable to munch.

8 Things You Can Cook More Efficiently Using an Oven [Lifehack.org]

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