Let's Celebrate 100 Years Of Eating Entire Packages Of Oreo Cookies

Raise a glass of milk to toast those always dunkable chocolate wafers filled with vanilla creme — Oreo cookies turn 100 today, marking decades of afficionados gleefully consuming row upon row in a variety of favorite ways.

CNNMoney spotlights the iconic cookie today, 100 years from when the first sale of Oreos was recorded in Hoboken. The cookies were originally produced in New York City at the old Nabisco factory.

Today, people are still talking about how they like to eat Oreos — with or without milk, licking the creme out of the middle first, twisting, pulling or just crunching down on the chocolate wafers — and the brand’s sales reflect that. Oreos sell to the tune of $1.5 billion in global revenue, and are available in 100 countries.

So, happy birthday, Oreos. My favorite way to eat them? A gallon of milk, a bag of cookies and some kind of romantic comedy (preferably starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) in front of the TV after a long week. I salute you.

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