Learning To Save Money Is Like Learning To Lose Weight

If you’ve never lost control of your budget or your weight, you can’t truly appreciate how great it feels to take command of either, enact a pragmatic strategy and see results. If you become skilled at managing one aspect, it can lead to success in another.

Well Heeled Blog explains the connection she found in these key aspects of well-being:

* Monitoring numbers and doing something about them. Whether your problem area is calorie intake from snacking or minimal, regular expenditures, controlling money or weight are both all about gathering the courage to take stock of where you stand regularly and making changes to set those numbers in line.

* Realizing that there are two sides to the equations. No matter how much you make, awful spending habits will make you poor, just as a lack of eating discipline can undermine any workout regimen.

* You will fail if you make yourself hate life. Being too restrictive about your habits will backfire and do more harm than good. If you need certain food indulgences brighten your life, you’ll need to keep them around to stick to your diet. And you’ll need to keep spending money on small things that make you happy to keep you motivated at focusing on the big financial picture.

What Losing Weight Taught Me About Saving Money [Well Heeled Blog]