Drug Stores To Start Selling Male Fertility Kits For Home Testing

Any man who wants to become a father but doesn’t want to have to deal with going in for a doctor’s visit to check on his swimmers will now have an alternative to that experience, as drug stores will start selling an over-the-counter fertility kit next month.

WBZ-TV says SpermCheck will join its counterparts for females — which include ovulation predictors and other products to help women — and allow men to check their fertility comfortably at home. The station cites studies that say men sometimes tend to be reluctant to seek professional help when a couple is having trouble getting pregnant.

Of course, going to your doctor and submitting sperm for testing at a professional lab is going to result in a more thorough investigation into your fertility. And a low count doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to reproduce, say doctors.

SpermCheck is supposed to start appearing in drug store aisles at pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS in the next few weeks.

Drug Stores To Begin Selling At-Home Male Fertility Tests [WBZ-TV]

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