How To Make Used Vita Games Play Like New Again

In its never-ending battle against the used game market, game companies are always coming up with ways to suck the value out of pre-owned merchandise. Sony has apparently slapped games for its Vita handheld with code that makes them stay loyal to the first account on which they were played, not allowing future owners to unlock virtual trophies. But there’s a way around Sony’s trophy-blocking.

Pocket Gamer tells you how it’s done:

Step 1 — Click “no” when the game warns you that it won’t be giving up any trophies.

Step 2 — Touch the home screen until it allows you to rearrange its bubble-shaped icons.

Step 3 — Click on the game in question and select the “format” option.

When you start the game, it should play just like new. If you can’t earn its trophies, it will be due to your own incompetence rather than Sony’s efforts to punish your frugality.

Now if only there were a way to bypass game publishers’ obnoxious online pass code system, which blocks online play for used game owners unless they cough up some green.

How to earn trophies in pre-owned Vita games [Pocket Gamer via Destructoid]

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