Starz Movies Fall Off Netflix Streaming This Week

Your Netflix streaming queue is probably about to get a bit lighter. As we noted back in September, Netflix and Starz did not renew their deal, meaning about 800 movies will be leaving Netflix’s streaming service by the end of the week.

If you haven’t gotten around to streaming Toy Story 3, Spartacus, Howl’s Moving Castle, Scarface or Young Frankenstein, time is of the essence. To get a good look at all the movies that are going away, peruse Netflix’s Starz Play page.

For burned-out subscribers bitter that the streaming selection was sparse even before the Starz departure, this is the wrong direction for the needle to move. To keep its customers happy, Netflix will have to start producing more deals like the one it made with DreamWorks that will begin next year.

Netflix February 2012 Expiring Titles Including Starz [TV and Movies Now via Engadget]

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