Which Are The Most Frugal Coupon Crazy Cities Of Them All?

No need to pick up your scissors and start a fight with other coupon-clippers over which city is the best at cutting costs of all the places in the United States — a new set of rankings has done all the comparing for you. It looks like Midwestern and Southern shoppers are the most fanatical about saving with digital coupons.

Daily Finance cites rankings from Coupons.com, which looked at frugality trends by area. Atlanta is the city with the most shoppers seeking coupons online, with four other Southern cities taking spots in the top 10 as well.

The Midwest shows up to represent as well, taking nine of the top 25 spots on the list. Ohio is totally crazy over coupons, with three cities on the list — Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus — giving them the distinction of the most frugal state.

This is all according to Coupons.com and what their research has found, of course, and might not take into account other digital purveyors of deals.

Frugal Nation: Which Are America’s Most Coupon-Loving Cities [Daily Finance]

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