Which Are The Most Frugal Coupon Crazy Cities Of Them All?

No need to pick up your scissors and start a fight with other coupon-clippers over which city is the best at cutting costs of all the places in the United States — a new set of rankings has done all the comparing for you. It looks like Midwestern and Southern shoppers are the most fanatical about saving with digital coupons.

Daily Finance cites rankings from Coupons.com, which looked at frugality trends by area. Atlanta is the city with the most shoppers seeking coupons online, with four other Southern cities taking spots in the top 10 as well.

The Midwest shows up to represent as well, taking nine of the top 25 spots on the list. Ohio is totally crazy over coupons, with three cities on the list — Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus — giving them the distinction of the most frugal state.

This is all according to Coupons.com and what their research has found, of course, and might not take into account other digital purveyors of deals.

Frugal Nation: Which Are America’s Most Coupon-Loving Cities [Daily Finance]


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  1. May contain snark says:

    One more reason to never visit Ohio.

  2. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    Buying 100 bottles of barbeque sauce or clearing a shelf of sports drink because you have coupons to cover the cost plus some doesn’t make you frugal – it borders on hoarding.

    • eturowski says:

      Shelf clearers are jerks.

    • eturowski says:

      Shelf clearers are jerks.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      Not to mention from my experience most of these people who are extreme couponers are not actually saving any money doing this, they are simply spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need to fuel an obsession. I know a few extreme couponers and they have stockpiles of the most useless products, not things you would use on an everyday basis. They are spending $200 on a stockpile of widgets because they have 30 coupons and they want to use the coupons regardless of how much they need those widgets. These people also don’t have the money to be doing this, I mean you don’t NEED 200 bottles of BBQ sauce even for a large family, especially when you don’t have enough money to cover the regular grocery bill for the month. They aren’t stocking up on the necessities they are just haphazardly buying everything they have a coupon for that is on sale. Its not a deal unless you can use all of the product by the expiration date. They are also paying money for these products, and they are not getting them for free like on the show. You don’t need to spend $10 on widgets every week at the grocery store that you don’t need then complain that you are so poor that you are down to your last dollar and have no money to buy your kid a pair of shoes when his old ones don’t fit anymore.

      I can totally understand stocking up on the necessities, but from what I have seen here, that is not what is going on, its basically a justification for hoarding and spending money on a compulsive shopping addition as others have said.

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      No, but using five coupons to knock $7 off my weekly shop today was pretty darn frugal.

      • lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

        Absolutely! I use the store loyalty card, plus I cut coupons out for items that I normally use, and when the stars align, I can use coupons to get sale stuff even cheaper, and that’s a great feeling. Recently I was able to get a jar of 4C real shredded parmesan cheese for only 99 cents, on sale with one of my coupons.

  3. raitch says:

    Many coupon printers enter the wrong zipcode intentionally to have access to the coupons that aren’t available in their area.

  4. u1itn0w2day says:

    South Florida definately. Since there’s alot of money in the tourist areas it’s only natural that the population that could afford a computer and internet before most would also be the first and biggest users of the benefits of the internet. And since salaries suck for most in 99% of Florida the need for coupons is much greater(Florida one the biggest users of food stamps)

    I don’t like internet coupons because it’s too similar to those club cards where they track your every purchase. But sometimes the need to save money supercedes the need for privacy especially with kids.

    • ExtraCelestial says:

      Your observations make sense separately but seem to contradict each other?

      • u1itn0w2day says:

        There is the contradiction of being alot of money in Florida and the need for coupons. But the key is alot of money and not alot of people with money. As soon as you get away from the beach/water way neighborhoods & condos most of the really big money is gone. Although not rich most will try to spring for cable & internet. Many are a paycheck away from disaster but they still have internet and need to save money.

  5. ExtraCelestial says:

    I try to stock up on items I normally buy when they are on sale, but coupons don’t seem to work for me. They are either not for anything I would buy, or I lose them and/or forget I have them in my wallet.

  6. DemosCat says:

    When you play the Game of Coupons, you either win or you die.

  7. Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

    Coupon use does not equal frugal!!

    Coupon use equals consumption (Oh, OK, buying) of highly processed/ overly “convenience” packaged foods.

    I can count on the knuckles of one finger the number of coupons I have seen for fresh fruits and vegetables. Now the number of coupons I have seen for cheese sauced frozen vegetables in “convenient” 12 oz 4 serving packages would fill a drawer.

    The real kicker is the about 20% of my groceries that could possibly be couponable are still cheaper at Sam’s unless I catch a huge sale/ big coupon.

    • kalaratri says:

      I have a BJs membership so I can use manufacturers coupons on top of the bulk savings.

      • Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

        Didn’t know BJ’s did that.

        Oh well, for convenience there is no BJs close, and Sams is about 1/4 mile from work.

    • yurei avalon says:

      Coupons for other items such as cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, personal health care and OTC medications are very nice though.

    • chocolate1234 says:

      That’s a pretty common misconception, but you really can get coupons for a lot of really healthy foods too…just usually online and not necessarily in the coupon inserts in the paper. I recently bought diced tomatoes and tomato sauce (organic, no added sodium) for about $.30 per can. I’ve also found coupons for organic produce that I’ve used on occasion.

      All in all, I usually use the non-food coupons for things like laundry detergent, deodorant, and toothpaste. I have a club membership too, but now that I’ve started paying attention to sales and using coupons occasionally, I find that I almost always get better deals at the grocery store. I’m not a crazy couponer either…I just use them on things I know we’ll use, and I don’t think I’ve ever used more than ten coupons in a single trip.

    • LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

      Oh, yay – another “processed foods” troll. I guess the coupons I get regularly for meat, produce, milk, and organics don’t count because everyone knows that coupons are ONLY for processed foods. Pardon me while I barf up a sweeping generalizations hairball into my glass of HFCS-laden soda. /eyeroll

      • LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

        Got a coupon today for a free gallon of milk. Since I’m not milking the cow myself, do we still consider this to be a “processed” food?

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      Please tell me all about how you make your own soap, foil, toilet paper, toothpaste, dishwashing detergent and razors at home.

  8. Outrun1986 says:

    Yes, you are buying stuff you don’t need just because its on sale or you have a coupon for it, if you are broke and literately do not have any money for other things, you are still going to the grocery store and spending it on your extreme couponing addiction. If you have 200 packs of toilet paper, and you are down to your last dollar, you do not NEED to buy more!!!

    I realize there are ways it can be done right, but from what I have seen from couponers in my area, they are broke but still buying a lot of things they don’t need just because they have a coupon or its on sale, even when they are down to their last dollar. This is just an outlet to satisfy their hoarding and compulsive shopping habits. Sometimes I wonder why people get into financial problems… Over here they aren’t getting products for free or nearly free like on the show.

    I also wonder if this extreme couponing is just a marketing attempt to lure people into this type of behavior so that the grocery stores can sell more products to these types of people. You save a lot more money by just purchasing the things you need and will use when they are on a regular grocery type sale since you are not buying a lot of surplus products that you will most likely never use. Most couponers just keep buying even when they have an extremely large supply of items. Its not a deal unless you can use all of the product by the expiration date. Also if you have to get a bigger house or build more storage for your things, its not a deal.

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      You do realize that a very, very small number of people who use coupons are EXTREEEEEME about it, right? Most people just use them to save money, not to hoard goods. When I happen to have a coupon that will make an item free (aside from tax) and it’s a product I don’t usually use I will still get that item — because it goes into the box of items we fill up to take down to a local shelter several times a year.

    • Gehasst says:

      Hmm, I use coupons to help save money. No need to hoard anything. With about 15 min worth of work, its quite easy to save $15 – $20 or so a week on food or consumables that you do need.

      Largest savings I normally see is Target who has their own printable online coupons, which stack on normal ones. I have yet to buy more than 4 of any item that is on sale. No need to be greedy.

  9. ancientone567 says:

    I love digital coupons. Today I got 11- worth of right guard antiperspirant for 1.50 and 2 tubes of arm and hammer toothpaste for 2.20. it would have been 10.50. I did buy one get one free and used a coupon to lower it further.

  10. maxamus2 says:

    Except they are just going by the total number of users, not relating it to the population of an area. So of course I would expect bigger cities to use more coupons, there are more people there.

  11. Fantoche_de_Chaussette says:

    I’ll never understand why the American public thinks “coupons” are a good thing. It’s a blatant, cynical market segmentation approach, where manufacturers get to sell at a high price-point to the majority who value their time, and ALSO get to sell at a lower price-point to people willing to THROW AWAY HOURS OF THEIR TIME in accomplishing the completely artificial, no-value-added task of clipping coupons.

    It’s such an immense, corporately inflicted waste of time that has zero benefit to society. And people actually think corporations are being NICE by offering coupons.