Peapod Offer Spirals Through Three Levels Of Asterisked Deal Explanations

The phrase, “But wait, there’s more!” is never good when it’s regarding another level of explanations that takes a deal down from something seemingly awesome, to something that is fine, but not as awesome as what you initially thought you were getting. Confused? So was Jed when he read a recent email.

For those not in the know, Peapod is a delivery service that brings groceries and other home items directly to your doorstep. It’s pretty great, which is why Jed is disappointed that their email offer was so darned intricate.

He write of his experience peeling back the layers:

I got an e-mail from with the subject line “Free Delivery When You Spend $30”, and the top of the graphic in the e-mail says “Get Free Delivery When You Buy $30*.” Beneath it, it specifies that the $30 has to be Reckitt-Benckiser products, but that too has an asterisk. In tiny print under the picture of products, it says that the offer is actually free delivery on orders of $100, if $30 of it is Reckitt-Benckiser products.

So, to review, first told free delivery if one buys $30, but no, it’s free delivery for $30 of a particular company’s products, but again, no, it’s actually free delivery on orders of $100 or more if at least $30 is said company’s products. Not acceptable!

Anything more than one asterisk is a bit excessive, no?


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