McDonald's Location Introduces Digital Kiosk To Tell Customers Exactly What They're Eating

Sure, you’re eating at a fast food joint, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to go for broke and pack in as many calories as you can. For those health conscious diners at one McDonald’s location in North Texas, perusing the nutritional info for each menu on the item will be a lot easier with the digital kiosk the franchise owner has installed.

CBS DFW11 in Texas says owner Jonathan dreamed up the idea to show consumers visually what they’re about to eat — including calories, protein, carbs, sodium and fat content — via the 42-inch touchscreen plasma.

“It’s a lot of different information where you can say, ‘I want to know all the items that are less than 400 calories’ and it lists that for you,” he explained.

He doesn’t think it will change ordering habits, necessarily, but does show better options for those trying to eat healthy. Also, it’s a pretty screen!

Customers can build a meal, adding entrees, sides and beverages, and then get the total nutritional value for those selections. The effect of removing bacon and cheese from a burger or skipping the mayo on a chicken sandwich is easy to see with the kiosk.

“We wanted to educate our consumers that McDonald’s really does have great choices, really great choices,” said Jonathan. “I mean, for example, you can get an Egg McMuffin for under 300 calories and most people didn’t realize that.”

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