Google Files Applications To Offer TV Service In Kansas City

Google has been using the Kansas City area as a place to test out its high-speed internet service and now it looks like the internet giant may be ready to try its hand at offering TV service to customers.

According to the Kansas City Star, the company’s Google Fiber subsidiary has filed documents with officials in Missouri and Kansas to operate a video service that could compete with cable companies.

“We’re still exploring what products will be available when we launch Google Fiber,” a Google rep coyly tells the paper about the applications.

So it’s time to play the speculation game. Google could go the traditional route and offer tiered packages of varying levels of programming. It could be setting up an on-demand service. And will there even be a set-top box or would you just need an internet-connected TV to access all the programming?

Google files applications to offer TV service in KC [Kansas City Star]

Thanks to Duane Dibley for the tip!

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