Beware Of Identity Thieves Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns To Steal Your Refund

So you finally drag yourself to your desk/computer/accountant and get your taxes done. Good job. Now wouldn’t it just totally stink if you found out someone had already filed a tax return using your information, and that they’d snagged whatever refund you had coming to you? Yes, it would, which is why the Internal Revenue Service is warning people of just such a scam.

KDKA in Pittsburgh reports on the scam, which is happening enough that the IRS has set up a hotline for any victims of it.

All a thief needs is your name, address and social security number, says IRS Special Agent Andrew Hromoko.

“It’s not really your refund,” said Agent Hromoko. “It’s a completely bogus tax return that may contain all sorts of fraudulent information.”

What’s worse is that until the issue is resolved, you won’t get your refund. And that is enough to make anyone cranky.

Another scam to keep your peepers on is a tax preparer who bulks up your return with fake information to get you a larger refund. If you are aware they’re doing so, you can be charged as well.

Agent Hromoko advises staying away from tax prepares who base the amount they charge on what your refund turns out to be, and they should be willing to sign the form.

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Identity Thieves Filing Bogus Tax Returns [KDKA]

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