Convince Your Spouse To Stop Being Such An Idiot With Money

If your household is wallowing in a sea of debt and looking to paddle your way out, you’ll need to get your live-in better/worse half on board with your plans, otherwise you’ll just be rowing in circles. Since you can’t berate loved ones into changing their ways, you’ll have to find a method to convince them that change is necessary, and that rewards will come from taking the right course.

The Debt Myth coaches you up before you engage in that uncomfortable conversation. The post recommends starting off by sharing inspiration. Relate a vision of how much less stressful things would be if you could join forces to become debt-slashing ninjas.

The path to getting on the same financial page won’t happen immediately. It’s important to give your loved one time to adjust to a more frugal lifestyle, and not lash out when things go wrong. Encouragement for self-control and whatever minimal early success you can muster together will go a lot farther than scolding.

Failing that, you can always threaten to withhold sex unless they shape up. Kidding, sorta.

Having Trouble Getting Your Spouse on Board? Start with Why [The Debt Myth]

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