How Walmart Is Making Americans Even Stupider

Reader “Nick” manages a store that sells DVDs. And while store managers have many, many legitimate gripes that they could share with the Consumerist Nation, Nick has a very specific complaint about Walmart. It’s his belief that Walmart is making Americans stupid. Well, stupider. Hear him out.

He writes:

I’m a Manager at a DVD store, the golden policy on returns is… [We need a] receipt for any returns. 90% of the time when a customer tries to return a item without a receipt, they go off on me for poor customer service and tell me Walmart takes any returns without receipts. Countless times I been called racist names wile they storm out of the store (hopefully not knocking something over).

Tonight(2/21/2012) I had a man try to return a item he said he purchased from us back in December as a Christmas gift for a girlfriend. He said he lost the receipt on his way over.

I explained to him multiple things. Our receipt policy and our 30 day return policy. Even tho I been taking back returns as old as black Friday on the first of February and receipt less returns 3 weeks after Christmas. No way I can return a item from December now.

The kicker is we never carried the item. Man went off a tangent stating the consumer is always right and that Walmart take back items without receipts all the time. He stated he would not leave the store till I give him his money back.

Tried to explain it all to him clearly again, he just kept going in a circle about Walmart and how unfairly I’m treating him. After the 5th time I tried to explain why I cant do the return walked over to the main register started to yell that the store steals from hard working Americans and block people from using it. I had to call security to have him removed.

At this point I’m convinced that Walmart is making everyone an idiot.