FDA Green Lights Imports Of Cancer Drugs To Ease Shortages

Of all the agonies that confront cancer patients, an unnecessary shortage of drugs they need must be among the more frustrating. The Food and Drug Administration is showing some compassion for the sick by easing import rules for two crucial cancer drugs in order to bulk up supply.

According to The New York Times, the FDA is allowing imports of Doxil (which fights cancers including ovarian cancer) and methotrexate (used for childhood leukemia) in order to ease the drugs’ shortage. Both drugs are manufactured at an Ohio plant that temporarily closed because of safety issues.

Critics say the fixes aren’t addressing the real problem, which is the FDA’s lack of resources to test and approve generic drugs, as well as the time-consuming, ridiculously expensive process required to get those drugs on the market.

At least the move signifies that the FDA is doing something to help cancer patients and medical professionals who help them.

To Ease Shortage, F.D.A. Lets 2 Cancer Drugs Be Imported [The New York Times]

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