Screaming Child On Plane Prompts Man To Trigger Emergency Slide

Lots of crying kids today, folks! While we know it can be annoying to sit next to a child bawling his or her head off on a plane, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to trigger the emergency slide. One man on a Vietnam Airlines flight did just that in response to a crying kid. says the 29-year-old man opened the plane’s window exit after the plane had landed, releasing the emergency slide — but that it wasn’t because he was trying to escape. The report says he was just being a good neighbor and trying to help a woman and her sobbing offspring disembark quickly.

The mother asked her seatmate for help, so he opened the door, say airport staff members. No one ended up even using the slide, and everyone got pretty cranky as the plane was disabled when the slide opened. The man faces a fine of at least 15 million Vietnamese dong, around $720, juts for opening the window. The release of the slide will chalk up a price of around $10,000 to be refitted inside the plane.

Vietnam Airlines seems to have an epidemic of slide-openers, as this was the third incident in the past three months that an emergency exit was opened when it shouldn’t have been.

Passenger Next to Crying Child Opens Plane’s Emergency Exit Door []

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