Comcast Launching Subscription Streaming Service For $4.99/Month

Comcast has officially declared war on Netflix, announcing the launch of its Xfinity Streampix subscription video service that is cheaper than Netflix but which will only be available for Comcast customers.

The price for Streampix is $4.99/month, but it will be included for free for Comcast customers who have the phone/cable/internet bundle.

But is it worth even that meager price?

Among the movies being offered for streaming access when the service launches are Brokeback Mountain, Stuart Little, When Harry Met Sally, and Analyze That (because we all know it’s one of the few sequels that is superior to the original).

There will also be full previous seasons of TV shows like 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Married…with Children.

Not exactly impressive, but anyone who remembers the early days of Netflix streaming knows that it can take a bit of time to ramp up the amount of content available.

Comcast says it will make the service available through Xbox and Android devices later this year, though there is no mention of when, if ever, the service would be available to non-Comcast customers — or to customers who only have Comcast internet access.

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