More People Are Dying Of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C, a sometimes deadly disease that attacks the liver, is claiming more victims and seems to be particularly dangerous to those born between the years 1945 and 1965 — the age group in which the majority of victims fall. Health officials suggest those born between those years should have their blood checked to see if they’re affected.

According to USA Today, experts estimate that half of the 3.2 million Americans with hepatitis C aren’t aware that they have it. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the disease killed 15,000 people in 2007. The amount of victims has been trending upward over the past decade and is expected to continue over the next 10 to 15 years. Another CDC-published study estimated that increased screening of the at-risk age group could spare 82,000 lives.

The good news is that the disease is generally curable with aggressive treatment. If you are at risk due to your age or other factors, do yourself and your loved ones a favor by getting screened.

Hepatitis C deaths up, Boomers most at risk [USA Today]

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