Protect Your Home From Water Leaks With A Sensor

Unless you’re in the habit of strolling through your basement hourly, you probably wouldn’t be able to catch a water leak until it’s already significantly damaged your flooring. A way to stay on top of any problems is to install a water sensor.

Speaking from wisdom gleaned after suffering a basement leak a while back, the author of MoneyGreenLife preaches the virtues of the preventative tactic.

The writer recommends putting sensors in any rarely-trafficked areas in places where water disasters can occur, placing one in the laundry room as well as next to the water heater and basement. You can usually find three-packs of the sensors available from $30 to $60, using the investment to potentially prevent thousands of dollars of damage.

MoneyFail #7 – Protect Your Home With Water Sensor [MoneyGreenLife]

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