How To Mix Your Wall Paint To Create The Perfect Color

You’ve spent hours sorting through paint sample cards to pick the color that seems just right, only to get home, slap some of it on your wall and decide it’s too light or dark. Instead of getting rid of the rest of your paint and starting over, you can make a tweak and nail the shade you were looking for.

House Painting Tutorials tells you how to mix paint until it matches the picture inside your head.

To properly mix your paint, you’ll need white paint in the same sheen as the paint you’re starting with, craft colorants and a color chart.

When lightening paint, add a few cups of white to your paint to start off, then add more as needed until you approach the shade you’re looking for. If you want to darken your paint, add gray or black craft colorant.

You can also intensify your color by adding more of its base, or dull it by diluting it with a complementary color you pull from the chart.

How to Mix Custom Paint Colors [House Painting Tutorials]

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