Women In Need Of More Cash Simply Bleach A Few $5 Bills & Turn Them Into $100 Instead

Boston cops are on the lookout for two women who they say have been particularly clever with a bit of counterfeiting. The suspects were able to get past the iodine pen test by simply bleaching some $5 bills and reprinting them into $100 bills.

Since the paper was legit, the iodine pen indicated they were, in fact, currency — just not the denomination cashiers at a local market thought they were, says WBZ in Boston. Once the bills are held up to light, however, you can see Abraham Lincoln hiding behind Benjamin Franklin’s head. Another close look shows that the serial numbers on the various bills are identical.

The women were caught on surveillance video walking out of the store with their purchases allegedly bought with the fakes.

Police are worried the women will continue to dupe cashiers, as the quality of the counterfeits is good enough to pass common scrutiny. For example, most people would at least blink at $1 million bills.

Newburyport Police Seeking Women Who Used Fake $100 Bills At Store [WBZ News]

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