Company Markets Beer Specifically For You To Waste Playing Beer Pong

Because it’s just so difficult for college students to go out and find super cheap beer to slosh into cups while chucking ping pong balls into said cups and then guzzling, one company has gone ahead and created Pong, the beer specifically made for playing Beer Pong. And it’s lite!

For those not in the know, the youngins (and others, no judgment!) like to play a game wherein cups are set up on a ping pong table, beer is added to said cups, and participants try to throw balls into their opponents’ cups. If they get one in, the opponent then chugs the beer and on we go again, drinking toward oblivion and a new beer goggles girlfriend/boyfriend for the night.

The Dallas Observer alerted us to Pong, which is available in eight states already, and is soon spreading to a few more soon. According to their site, a 30-pack comes with two free ping pong balls – and if you buy two 30-packs at a time you get a bunch of 16 oz. cups as well.

Will it catch on? Only time and frat parties can tell. As my stunningly astute and wise friend put it, when told about Pong, “Oh, look, they’ve repackaged Keystone Light.”

Pong Beer, the Beer Made Specifically for Beer Pong, is Coming to Texas [Dallas Observer]

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