Spare Mothers' Backs By Fixing Sidewalk Cracks

Cracked and broken sidewalks have a way of uglying up otherwise attractive homes. Faults in concrete have a way of multiplying, so you’ll need to stay on top of the damage in order to prevent a mess.

The Family Handyman takes you through the process of repairing sidewalks. The process seems to be laborious but not highly technical or expensive.

You start with a masonry blade, which you insert into a circular saw and — while wearing protective eye gear — cut around the perimeter of the crack until you reach solid concrete.

Once you’ve created a proper crater, you whip up some concrete patching mix with water and acrylic fortifier and smooth it over the area. Your patch probably won’t match the color of the concrete that surrounds it, but at least the crack will be gone.

How to Fix Sidewalks that Are Chipped and Pitted [The Family Handyman]

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