Family Resorts To Public Humiliation To Stop Teen From Stealing

What’s a parent to do with a sticky-fingered teenager who keeps stealing things from other family members? For one Memphis family, the answer was to make that teen stand on a busy street corner holding up a “I steal from my family” sign.

As if being gawked at by passersby isn’t humiliating a enough, the 13-year-old’s local ABC affiliate popped by to capture it all on camera.

The girls’ aunt tells the TV reporters that the teen had gotten into the habit of taking items from family members during the last couple years, but that when she stole her mom’s debit card to reactivate a cell phone that had been cut off to punish the girl, it was time to notch up the discipline.

“That’s why she’s out here, because she apparently has not learned her lesson,” the aunt explains.

Memphis Teen Learns Hard Lesson [ via]

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