Customers Behaving Badly Start 30-Person Brawl At TGI Friday's

We know when we step into a TGI Friday’s an immediate sense of peace and calm washes over us, so we’re not sure exactly how or why about 30 customers reportedly felt the need to break into a brawl at one of the restaurants in Minnesota. That’s just rude, people.

WCCO News in Minnesota says as a result of the late-night fight, cops arrested seven people on the scene for third-degree riot, and five were treated for injuries. Police say they got a 911 call around 1 a.m. about the fight, where the caller said there were around 30 people fighting inside the TGI Fridays.

By the time officers arrived, most of the action seemed to have died down, with a few people still fighting inside and outside the building.

The fighting seems to have started when two groups of people seated next to each other got into a verbal argument about something (Can we use your ketchup? Do you prefer swiss or cheddar cheese on your burger? It was Sunday, not Friday?) and it built up from there. Next thing you know, people are throwing menus, glasses, plates and silverware at each other.

7 Arrested After Fight Breaks out At TGI Fridays [WCCO News]

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