Citibank Closes My Credit Card Due To Security Breach, Doesn't Tell Me Until I Sign In Online

It’s great that Citibank went ahead and closed Sylvia’s account after it was breached, thus saving her from thievery and other unpleasant security concerns. One thing that would’ve been even better, though, would be to let Sylvia know they’d gone ahead and done that.

Sylvia says she had no clue she wouldn’t be able to use her Citicard until she happened to log in online. That’s when she found out her account had closed and she’d be receiving a new card. There was no email heads up, no details on who/what/when/where/how said breach happened. She writes that she called customer service and they were all like, shrug!

I complained that I should have been notified immediately of any data breach via email at the very least but the CS rep had nothing to say other than to offer her apologies. If I hadn’t logged on, I wouldn’t have known about a potential risk until I received my new card in the mail.

This is not the first time this has happened with Citi in my years with them. Using snail mail to inform customers of potential identity risks is a ridiculous way of doing business in a digital age and just poor customer service.

One might think that if your customer is savvy enough to be enrolled in the online service aspect of the card, that they also use and read email.

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