Target Will Not Price-Match Other Targets

Two Target locations, only a short drive apart. One line of dinnerware on clearance. Jordan and his fianc√© registered for dishes that were on clearance at the time. As stock began to disappear from local stores, they decided to just go ahead and buy all of the pieces they could before they disappeared from stores altogether. Oddly, the place settings were cheaper at one store than the other. The ways of retail pricing are mysterious, but what Jordan learned is that buying the same item at the same chain a few miles away doesn’t mean that price-matching is going to happen.

I am a long time reader and am now having an issue that I would like to bring to your attention. My fiancé and I recently registered at Target for our upcoming wedding and in the process of doing so, we found everyday china that we absolutely loved. It was listed as clearance but we added it anyway.

A couple of days later we decided to check the stock levels at the Targets nearest to us and found that there weren’t very many available, so we decided to just go ahead and purchase them ourselves, lest they became unavailable before the wedding. I went to one store, and my fianc√© went to another, and when we both got home we notice that one of the locations was selling them cheaper, which seemed strange at the time, but no big deal because i could go back to my target and have them price match it for me, right? Wrong.

Apparently Targets policy is that they won’t price match themselves be it online, or even another one of their stores, even though the original purchases happened on the same day within hours of each other. This sucks. It’s not like I am trying to screw target out of 30 bucks just for fun, but since they apparently don’t know how to do the right thing and take care of the customer, I’m left with the short end of the stick. Any suggestions you can offer?


Update: Target’s price-matching policy specifically excludes clearance items. So there’s that. (Thanks, mrm514!)

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