Google Jumping From Software To Hardware With New Home Entertainment Device

Everyone knows what you mean when you say “Go Google that,” because Google is known for its search engineyness, among other non-tangible Internet tools. But now the mega huge company is making a move to the physical realm with a rumored home entertainment device.

CNNMoney says the device has been nicknamed “Project Tungsten,” and will have the ability to connect speakers or a home stereo to all your digital music files, either stored online with Google Music or from various devices. It can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet, ostensibly those running on Android, as well.

The prototype was unveiled at its I/O developers conference last May. Back then, the devices were described as concepts and not products, but it seems those entertainment items are actually in production.

Google submitted a filing with Federal Communications Commission and described its device as being able to connect to stereo systems and other technology via Bluetooth.

The L.A. Times says they’ll start testing out 252 of the Project Tungsten products in employees’ homes, as it “requires testing outside the laboratory environment” to see how it works with wireless home networks.

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