Forget The Florist, Make Your Own V-Day Bouquet

If you’ve got plans to get a loved one flowers for Valentine’s Day, there are more options than picking up something from the display rack at the front of the grocery store or a high-priced arrangement that florists are peddling. You can save money and add a personal touch by making your own bouquet.

9 News Colorado offers a how-to guide, and although the headline declares the story is directed toward men, we’re fairly certain that women are also capable of making bouquets.

You start by choosing a suitable container that can hold water, then stop by a craft store to pick up some floral foam that will hold stems in place after you cut it to fit. Next you buy or pick the flowers you want in your gift, cutting the stems so they’re about five inches long. If you like, fill out the rest of it with greenery or smaller flowers.

The goal isn’t necessarily to make it look professional, but to make it seem as though you put a lot of effort and thought into the floral expression of adoration.

Men: Make your own Valentine’s Day bouquet [9 News Colorado]

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