Surprise! Employees Of Catering Company Claim Their Services Were The Opposite Of Kosher

Employees of a Long Island catering company that claimed it offered Kosher food for over 200 weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs say the owner has been pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes for too long. The chef and general manager say that the whole process, from food preparation to storage and service, has all been the opposite of Kosher — tainted.

CBS 2 in New York City says the employees felt customers had had enough of being mistreated.

“Those same tables, those same pots and pans, those same platters and utensils that were used for Kosher foods were also used to prepare the non-Kosher events as well,” said the general manager Tom C.

He and the chef are suing the owner, saying the company was trying to cut costs for a year and a half by not having a separate kitchen for Kosher and non-Kosher foods, which is an important rule in Jewish laws governing keeping things Kosher. Tom says he feels sick inside over the situation.

“We would have our Kosher foods stored and next to it a bucket of shrimp,” he claims.

L.I. Caterers Accused Of Lying About Being Kosher [CBS 2 New York]

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