Jack In The Box's Mad Food Scientists Pair Bacon With Milkshakes

There are few food frontiers bacon had yet to conquer, but dessert beverages may have been one of the last. That is until Jack in the Box decided to pair the two in a bacon milkshake. If the fast food chain isn’t the first to dream up the stomach-turning concept, it’s certainly the one to do so in the most proudly public manner.

Eater points to an ad on the chain’s site that proclaims the shake is “as limited as can be” and “there’s no telling when it might go away,” giving the baconshake a bit of a McRib-style appeal.

We’ve yet to sample the bacon shake, which allegedly uses bacon-flavored syrup rather than the real deal. Feel free to try it before us and let us know how great it is.

Bacon Milkshake: Jack In The Box Adds Absurd Indulgence To Menu [Eater via Huffington Post, ABC News]

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